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Manage Your Cache
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Your browser stores HTML and graphics from sites you've already visited in what is called a cache, or in IE's language, Temporary Internet Files. (To see all the files currently stored in your cache folder, select Tools/Internet Options, click the Settings button on the General Tab, and click View Files.) The idea is to help you get files quickly when you hit your Back button, because they're coming from your hard drive, not over an Internet connection.

By default, IE allocates about 3 percent of your hard drive for the cache. If you visit and revisit the same sites during the day, we recommend that you use at least 10,000K, or 10MB, for the cache. If you have enough space on your hard drive, the rule of thumb is to use about 5 percent of it. And if you make your cache more than 10 percent of your hard disk, you'll actually see a diminishing return. Remember, though, that cached data comes from your hard disk--if you're tight on drive space, you won't be able to increase your cache size.

To Increase Your Cache Size
(1.) Under the Tools menu, select Internet Options, and choose the General tab.

(2.) Under Temporary Internet Files, click Settings. Under "Amount of disk space to use," drag the slider to the right.

To Clear Your Cache
If you surf a lot without returning to the same sites very often, it helps to purge your cache in the middle of your session. This also helps you maintain your privacy by clearing sites you've visited from your machine.
(1.) Under the Tools menu, select Options, and then choose the General tab.

(2.) In the Temporary Internet Files section, click Delete Files. You'll be prompted to confirm your choice; click OK, and the cache is cleared.
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