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Using Nemain's search engine you can find almost anything you want.  The searches are based on keywords and topics. 

The Spell Archive 

The spell archive can accessed on the home page or by clicking the Archive link located on each page. You can browse the archive by choosing the category or subject and clicking on it. The spell archive listings are selected and categorized by Nemain, and a spell can be submitted by individuals like you by clicking the Add Spell link located at the end of each Spell archive page. Some spells are marked with a "Best" icon, indicating that we think they're among the best we have read. 

Search Tearms 

To use the search, you just need to be able to come up with a series of words or a phrase, and then click the "Search" button. When you type in a series of search terms, the search is programmed to find results that match all of the words you entered.

For example, the search SPELLS WITH CATS  will produce a list of results that contain all of those words but will also include results that only contain the word CAT or WITH or CATS.  So keep you search terms simple and to the point, try not to use words such as "with", "to", "and", ect... if possible.
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