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Basic Candles Information 
Submitted by Torann
"Before casting spells or preforming any kind of magic, the colour of the candle should be chosen carefully according to your purpose, for each color possesses a different energy vibration and attracts certain influences." -Gerena Dunwich Wicca Candle Magic. The follows list is taken from the quoted book. It is a very excellent read, and I'm not posting all of it because I'd rather know you went and got the book.
  • Black: Used in meditation rituals, uncrossing rituals, and pells to banish evil and negativity.
  • Blue: Used in spells that involves honour, peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom, or for protection during sleep.
  • Green: Used in spells involving success, good luck, prosperity, and to conteract greed and jealousy.
  • Orange: Used in spells to stimulate enerty
  • Pink: Used in love spells as well as spells dealing with friendship or femininity.
  • Purple: Used in spells for healing or those involving power, success, and house-hold protection.
  • Red: Used in spells involving sexual passion, health, love, physical strength, will power and courage.
  • White: Used in consecration rituals, meditaion, divination, exorcism and spells that involve healing, peace or lunar energy.
(Props to Mrs. Dunwich: She also has the correspondences to Sabbats, Zodiacs, Days, and colours of specific Gods and Goddess. It's a truly wonderful book. Read it!)

Removing Wax:

  • Boiling water technique: Pour boiling water onto whatever the wax is on (not carpet) to softens the wax so it comes off easily.
  • Freezer technique: Put whatever has the wax on it into the freezer for about thirty minutes. The wax will harden, and with a little prodding, will come off easily.
  • Warning! Both extremes (hot or cold) can break glass very easily. I've had it happen to me before.
  • Removing wax from a glass table top: Put the glass into a bathtub and fill it with hot water. Add salt if desired (doesn't mater, but you can purify something this way. Good for Air/water combos.). The hot water will loosen the wax after about twenty minutes of sitting and makes it so much easier to clean off...  
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