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Celtic Gods and Goddesses
AED: Chthonic underworld god. Celtic (irish). Known from inscriptions. Aed Mac Lir, son of Lir and Aobh was, according to tradition, turned into a swan by his stepmother,Aoife.

AINE OF KNOCKAINE: Ireland. Moon goddess, patroness of cattle and of crops. Connected with summer solstice.

ANGUS MAC OG: Ireland. "young son" One of the Tuatha De Danann. He had a gold harp that made irresistible sweet music. His kisses became birds carrying love messages.God of youth and beauty.

ANU/ANANN/DANA: Goddess of plenty, another aspect of Morrigu;mother earth;greatest of all goddesses. Fires were lit for her on Midsummer solstice.Goddess of fertility,prosperity,comfort.

ARAWN: Wales. King of Hell.God of Annwn,the underground kingdom of the dead. Revenge, terror, war.

ARIANRHOD:Wales. "Silverwheel" Star goddess, Sky goddess, virgn; Goddess of reincarnation: Fullmoon Goddess.Her palace was called Caer Ariarhod,(aurora borealis) Mother of Lleu Llaw Gyffes and Dylan by her broher Gwydion. Honored at full moon. Beauty,fertlity,reincarnation.

BADB/BADHBH: Ireland. "battle raven" War goddess and wof of Net,a war god.Sister of Macha, the Morrigu, and Anu. Mother aspect of the triplegoddess in Ireland. Associated with the cauldron,crows and ravens. Wisdom,life,inpiration,enlightenment.

BEL/BELENUS: Ireland. "shining" sun and fire god;great god,similar to Appolo.His name is seen at the festival of Bealtaine or Beltane.Healing,science,fire,crops,fertiity,cattle.

BLODEUWEDD: Wales."flowerface" Createdby Math and Gwydion as a wife for Llew.she was changed into an owl for her adultryand plotting Llew's death.Her symbol is the owl. Goddess of earth in bloom.

BRAN THE BLESSED: Wales. God of prophecy the arts, war, the sun music and writing.Associated with ravens.

BRANWEN: Goddess of love and beauty.Sister of Bran the Blessed, and wife of Irish king Matholwch.

BRIGIT/BRID/BRIGID: Ireland, Wales, Spain,France. Goddess of fire, fertility, the feminine arts, and martial arts. Healing, agriculture, learning, divination, witchcraft, and occult knowledge.Associated with Imbolc or Imbolg.

CAILECH: Great goddess in her destroyer aspect. Plague, disease, cursing.

CERNUNNOS/HERNE THE HUNTER: The horned god of nature, Great father, the horned god of fertility. His symbols are the stag, ram, bull, and horned serpent. Fertility, animals, physical love, nature, reincarnation, wealth, warriors.

CERRIDWEN: wales. Moon Goddess. Great mother, grain Goddess, Goddess of nature. Her symbol is the white sow. Death, fertility, inspiration, magick,poetry, spells, knowledge.

THE DAGDA: Ireland. "The Good God" All-father Lord of heavens High king of the Tuatha De Danann. Protection, knowledge, weather, prophecy, the arts, the sun, healing, warriors.

DANA/DANU: Ireland. Major Mother Goddess. Ancestress of the Tuatha DeDanann. Moon Goddess, She gave her name to the Tuatha De Danann (the people of Danu) Patroness of wizards, water, prosperity, magick and wisdom

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