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The Goddess
Submitted by Willy
The Goddess is The Female Force that resides within nature. She can be a mother or a destroyer. The Goddess has 3 different forms or aspects- Maiden, Mother, and Crone. She is also called by many diferent names. Don't let this fool you. She may have a different name or a different face but they are just her guises. Some witches just worship The Goddess, others, like myself, like to give her name. In all her different forms she is used in different things. So maybe you might like to use all the Goddesses at different times, Venus in love spells, Hecate for protection, etc. It's really up to you.

Cerridwen- The celtic all-mother and goddess of the earth, harvest, and moon. Mother nature she was, but she was also a great goddess of magick and enchantment. She made a potion in her cauldron that was to give her ugly stupid son knowledge. She usually takes the form of the dark mother or wise old crone as a reaper of the dead, but sometimes you'll see her as the blond haired blue eyed Celt of the British isles. She can be used in moon magick, enchantment, glamouries, love spells, protection, Earth magick, and fertility magick.

Hecate- "Protectress of the Witches,'' she was called. She is a supreme goddess of witchcraft and protection. Like Cerridwen she is usually percieved as a dark mother in the crone aspect, but like Cerridwen also she can take the form of a young woman, a pale skinned burnett of ancient Greece. It is also written that she sometimes appeared with 3 heads and was worshipped at crossroads. She can be used in protection spells, moon magick, Karma magick, Revenge spells (No, No's), and spels of banishing negativity.

Kali- The Hindu death goddess. She is probably the most terrifying goddess of all time. She depicted as a dark skinned, fanged Goddess, wearing a necklace of human skulls. She is also the protector of abused women. Her power is truly great.

Aradia- "The Queen of Witches," an Italian goddess who lived during the 1300's. A female Christ figure to many witches. She is a powerful entity and a protectress of witches. She was a prominent figure in  the religion of Strega (Italian WitchCraeft).

Diana- Moon Goddess that is worshipped in Dianic Wicca. Goddess of the hunt. She is a mother figure to many witches. She is used in moon magick, protection spells, and enchantments.

Isis- Represents the complete goddess. She is the egyptian mother of the universe and godess of great magick.

Inanna- Sumerian mother goddess.

Demeter- Greek plant or Earth goddess.

Aphrodite- Graak goddess of sexual passionate love.

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