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 Coven and Grove of the Crystal Dragon  

Tradition or Path: Welsh Witchcraft - Y Tylwyth Teg Tradition 
Ideal Group Size: 14-40 
Email: cerridwen@tylwythteg.com  
Website: http://www.tylwythteg.com 

About : Welsh tradition of Faerie Witchcraft. Y Tylwyth Teg means the fairy folk in Welsh. We were founded in the United States in 1967 and have established numerous Covens and Groves throughout the World. We offer face to face instruction as well as e-mail and snail mail correspondence courses. We have a ordination program for training Pagan Clergy, and we Charter Pagan Churches. Our  rdained clergy are recognized nationwide in the US. Our church has fought for and won a U.S. IRS Group Tax exemption and all Chartered churches fall under our exemption. Although we have Open Circles from time to time, we generally are a closed Coven and do not allow non-initiates to attend our Sabbats and Full Moon Rituals. We feel the burning times are still possible. We teach a Welsh form of Witchcraft which has as it's basis: Celtic culture, Pict Witchcraft, Welsh Druidism, Etruscan and Mithraic religious philosophy, and ancient Western Mysteries. We teach the relinking of humanity to Nature and we consider the Earth to be our Mother. We are a duality based tradition, and consider the God and Goddess to be equal in importance, although we give deference to the female aspect. We require all students to complete a Vision Quest of three days in the solitude of Nature. Visit our Web Site to determine if our Way is for you. 

Coven Of ISIS  

radition or Path: Egyptian 
Ideal Group Size: 14-40 
Email: cassonya@leo.infi.net  

About Group: We are starting a new coven and welcome all those who have an interest to join us.Regular lessons will be offered as well as celebrations. Legal handfasting (with marriage license) offered as well as Gay Commitment handfastings. For further information contact us at 706-561-7844 

Pair Dynion Grove of the Old Religion, Clan Ragan  

Tradition or Path: Traditional Celtic 
Ideal Group Size: 14-40 
Email: lady_brighid@mindspring.com 
Website: http://www.mindspring.com/~pair_dynion 

About Group: A Traditional Grove dedicated to Service, the Elder Gods and their Children. Monthly Open House. On-going classes. Research Center. Advanced Training Seminars. Celebrations of the Natural World. Celebrations of Life. (see Web site for detailed information) 

Coven NiteSky  

Tradition or Path: Eclectic 
Ideal Group Size: 00-13 
Email: CovenNiteSky@yahoo.com 

About Group: Merry Meet to all!! We are an eclectic Coven in the Charlotte area. We have a variety of paths represented and do note that physical workshops will be starting shortly , and are welcoming anyone to write us. Love & Light! 

Eastern NC Pagan Study Group  

Tradition or Path: Eclectic 
Ideal Group Size: 00-13 
Email: rainbow@coastalnet.com 
Website: http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/1229/encstudy.html  

About Group: We prefer first contact by email. This is a forming group in the eastern NC, Wilson-Greenville area. The purpose it not to form a coven, although it would be great if one grows naturally. It's to study together and share ideas. Please see the website for more  information. 8-) 

Crystal Arcane  

Tradition or Path: Eclectic Wicca 
Ideal Group Size: 00-13 
Email: magick8262@aol.com 
Website: http://www.thedragonden.com  

About  Group: We are a small eclectic coven. Right now we are working on getting our clergy ordained. We teach one on one, basics and beyond. Our meetings are the eight holidays and every new and full moon. There may be times where extra meetings are necessary, more then likely to accomodate the one on one teachings. We are also involved with getting into COGS. Which if all goes well we will, then work towards becoming a local council, within our area. When we can get to this point, the local council will be educating the public, performing open type rituals and other things of that nature that the council deems fit. Blessed Be 

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