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The Celtic Cross Spread
The Significator
This is the card chosen to represent the querent. It is almost always a face card, and should be chosen with the querent's personality and attributes in mind. (Usually the querent themselves will choose one, or you can pick one for them based on what "feels" like them.) An alternative to this card position is a card layed down when doing the spread, and the card would detail the situation itself.
1. The Crossing Card
An integral part of the situation that the querent may not be seeing, or something that may be an obstacle (likely if the card is reversed). This is something the querent needs the be aware of to resolve the situation.
2. The Foundation
What the question is based on; this is a little hard to define, but you will get a feeling for what this card signifies.
3. The Near Future
Coming events that the querent will want to watch for; this isn't necessarily the outcome of the situation, the rest of the cards will determine if it is.
4. The Crown
This card gives you a sense of what is permeating the question; this may be something that the querent aspires to, or what the querent hopes the situation will become.
5. Recent Events
Recent events that will have a bearing on the current situation.
6. The Querent
While the Significator already represents the querent, this will tell how the querent feels about the question and other details; it is a picture of the querent as relates to the situation.
7. The Querent's Surroundings
This is the people around the querent who have an influence on the situation; he/she will want to note whether the cards say they are supportive or not, and how they are related to the question. Sometimes the card will point directly to a specific person that is influencing the outcome heavily.
8. Hopes and Fears
What the querent hopes for for this question, or what they fear most will happen. Helps the querent to realise how they feel about this question.
9. The Final Outcome
What will ultimately happen (if the querent does nothing to change the situation, or if they cannot do anything to change it).
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