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Days of the Week
Submitted by The Raven
The following is the days of the week, their ruling planet, and thier corresponding uses. 

Sunday - ruled by the Sun (surprise! surprise! didn't think of that one, didja?)
This day is used for rituals involving employment, friendship, healing. 

Monday - ruled by the Moon (gotcha again!)
This day is for spells dealing with the home, family, gardens, food, dreams, the sea. 

Tuesday - ruled by Mars (ha! a new one!)
This day is good for hunting, surgeries, passion, strength, courage. 

Wednesday - ruled by Mercury (my fave, you'll see why in a second!)
This day is good for communication (i.e. writing, talking), anything to do with empowering your mind. 

Thursday - ruled by Jupiter (oooo, goody, this is a good one!)
This day is great for spells dealing with $money$(!), legal stuff, expanding. 

Friday - ruled by Venus (oo la la!)
This, of course, is a great day for sex! (oops! did I say that?!) This day deals with love, pleasure, arts. 

Saturday - ruled by Saturn (don't mess with this one!)
This is the day to deal with elderly, wills, reincarnation, endings.

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