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Submitted by The Raven
Glamouries are a very ancient form of magick, mentioned all throughout history. Like in Snow White, when the queen turns herself into the ugly hag. Now you must not confuse the art of Glamoury with the art of Shapeshifting, for the glamoury is only an illusion. There are two types of glamouries (as far as I know), one easier than the other, but both difficult. The first one is the actual changing of appearance, eye color, or an object. The second one, and more easier, is when you change your personality, aura, and elctrical flow in your body. Let's say your Timmy, and Timmy gets picked on a lot, well Timmy could use the second glamoury to intimidate his foe. Before he goes to bed he'll do a meditation and picture himself as the angel of vengence. Now the next day he'll look the same, but the way people feel around him wouldn't be the same, people might get a feeling of strength, power, or maybe even feer near him, beleive me it works.

Angel Glamoury
This is great multi purpose glamoury written by Silver Ravenwolf (The worlds best author). Yes, it uses angels, not dead people from heaven, we're Pagans remember. That's the Judao/Christian beliefs. Angels predate both their religions, some actually believe thaey derived from the Pagan beliefs in Faeries, and they come from Atlantean/Pre-Atlantean times. For this Glamoury you'll eventually need your eyes open, but for now you can do them shut. There are three variations, here they are-

1. Find a place where you won't be disturbed for about 10 minutes. You may wish to turn down the lights, put on soft music, or light a candle.

2. Take a deep breath and relax, ground yourself, do this by imagining your legs are roots of a tree, going deep into the ground. Take 2 more deep breaths.

3.Now for this step you must imagine and then become. You could be the angel of peace, love and harmony. You are dressed in a long white flowing robes with long white wings of a dove coming from your back. You have a white flame atop your head."Become" that angel.

4. You could also be the angel of celastial power, dressed in gold. Feel the gold wings on your back, flap them if you'd like to, feel the air move all around you. Envision a golden flame atop your head, hold the image as long as possible. Try to "become" the angel.

5. Now you could try the angel of protection. With your long purple robe flowing freely, and your slick black wings flapping, and a blood red flame caps your head.

6. After you have done the one you chose, ground and center then imagine your aura surrounded by white light.

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