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The Horoscope Spread 

The center card marked S is the Significator, which is a card that represents the querent. The other cards represent the astrological houses. Here is what each of the houses represents:

First House
Aries -- Personality; appearances; outlook on life.

Second House
Taurus-- Financial matters, material possessions.

Third House
Gemini -- Matters of communication.

Fourth House
Cancer -- Old age, endings, home environment.

Fifth House Leo -- Children, the heart, creativeness.

Sixth House
Virgo -- Health and hygiene.

Seventh House
Libra -- Marriage and partnerships.

Eighth House
Scorpio -- Death and losses.

Ninth House
Sagittarius -- travel and dreams.

Tenth House
Capricorn -- Careers and ambitions.

Eleventh House
Aquarius -- Friendships and associations.

Twelfth House Pisces -- Self-undoing and karma.

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