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Mother, Shelter Me 
Written by Darian with the help of Kalika
O Mother Goddess,
Gracious Goddess, who visits our dreams.
She, whom touches the innermost depths of the spirit.
Lady of Life, whom recieves her children by the Lord of Death,
He, whom on night' swift wings, lay us at her feet to be reborn.

 Gracious Goddess, Blessed be thy womb,
That bestows life on us all.
Continue to watch us, bringing words of wisdom through dreams.
Bless us with the gifts of life and love,
Courage, generosity, integrity and beauty.
Show us the way, to see the truth and divinity within all.

 O gracious Goddess, Mother to all.
Shield us from wicked spells, Lure away unclean spirits from unclean stars.
From the crown of my head, to the soles of my feet.
I open my spirit to thee.
Mother, Shelter Me.

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