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Psychic Development Excercises  
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A mental exercise

Try keeping track of your random thoughts and see how many, surprisingly enough come true. For those of you who are into both statistics and computers you may want to figure out the probabilities against this happening so frequently, if that is possible. TO do this, it is important to keep some kind of records of these occurences. By recording your dreams and impressions in a notebook, you will be surprised to discover just how Psychic you really are. Include things like hunches - as in when you know who is at the door before you answer it or think about/dream about someone, then get a letter from them that day, or when you know who is on the phone before you pick it up. By keeping records of these occurences, you build your confidence in your Psychic gifts and it becomes harder to dismiss these things as mere coincidences.

2. In your mind's eye, while in a meditative state, surround yourself with a cone of golden light - or whatever color means protection to you. Now imagine that inside your forehead is a T.V. screen that you can choose to tune into whenever your eyes are closed and you are in a relaxed, expanded, state of breathing on a count of four and six. Keep to this rhythm and focus while up if you lose your concentration, just pull your attention back to your breathing and your visualization of the television screen. Now ask for a symbol or a picture that will show you what will happen to you on that day or the next. When you recieve anything, even just a color or a number or something that seems ridiculous or insignificant, WRITE IT DOWN. Don't worry if you don't get anything at first it may take repeated attempts to do this. It also may come as a feeling or even words that you hear or a symbolic sound. Some people even get scents or odors of various types. If you don't want to deal with the future, ask for information about what a friend is doing at that time. Remember to always verify your information later, so you will come to learn what is just your own mind and what is coming from your psychic sources. make it a big deal if you fail, you won't inhibit your own success. Nothing puts a damper on success in the Psychic like taking yourself too seriously does. (Note, this is why witches often teach Psychic abilities by playing games at their festivals)

3. Try this the next time you enter a room of people. Let your eyes rest of the person. Close your eyes and light up your inner vision screen, the T.V. screen inside your head. Ask yourself how the person feels and suggest that the answer is coming to you as gradations or shades of colored light, from bright to dark, or as a melody that you will hear in your inner ear. If you wish, approach the person later and ask them whether you were correct or not. (use discretion and don't push it too much, some people are really the words of the poet, "methinks thou dost protest too loudly". Many people are not really in touch with their feelings and may not be aware of what they are broadcasting or even that they are feeling this way. (My note, people are more likely to deny unpleasant feelings or romantic ones)

4. THIS is from A.M.O.R.C. - the ancient and mystical order rosae crucis, sometimes called the Rosicrucians. you in line - one who has NOT looked at you. Stare at the back of their neck for a few minutes and broadcast the thought "Turn around, Turn around, Turn Something (anything) else, while keeping an eye on what that person is up to. Most of the time, with practise, you can get them to turn around or at least scratch the back of their neck or brush it, as if brushing an invisible hand away. See what time you feel it is BEFORE you look at your watch. With practise you can usually devellop the skill to be accurate within (plus or minus) five minutes of the correct time.


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