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Basic Information on Tarot
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Pronounced, "ta-row", Tarot cards have been used for ages for the purpose of divination. The cards date back to ancient times and are still in use today for the same purposes (obviously).

Interpreting the Cards:

Many people believe that one should disregard the little book that comes with the cards. They believe that when laid out, the meaning shows itself by how you, personally interpret them. Others, like myself, like to find the hidden symbolism of the cards. I do like using the little book to get a basis of how the creator of the deck say the cards to be. 

Any way you look at it, it's your own, personal choice. There is no set way to read them, or store them, or anything. They are tools. Take care of them and they'll do you much good.

Laying the Cards

There are many ways to lay your cards... Most serious Tarot readers know the one that comes with most decks. But I've also heard of another way... 

The Celtic lay is called "Seventh Card". What you do, basically, is simple. Lay six cards face down, then turn over the seventh. Do this with all the Major Arcana (which gives you three turned up) and then interpret the cards. Easy, eh?

Inverted Cards:

When laying the cards, if the card falls where it is upside down as you look at it, then the meaning is traditionally interpreted as being the opposite of the original meaning.

From "The Medival Scapini Tarot"

Major Arcana

0 The Fool

A new adventure. Enthusiasm. Initiative. Unlimited possibilities. Pleasure. Passion. Frenzy. Obsession. Mania. Folly. Thoughtlessness. Lack of discipline. Immaturity. Irrationality. Frivolity. Inconsiderateness. Delirium. Spontaneity. Levity. Exhibitionism. Unrestrained Excesses. Carelessness in promises. Infatuation. Indiscretion. Tendency to start a project without carefully consider all the details. Reluctance to listen to advice from others.

I The Magician

Originality. Creativity. Free will. Imagination. Self-reliance. Willpower. Self-confidence. Dexterity. Ingenuity. Flexibility. Craft. Guile. Masterful ness. Self-control. Trickery. Deception. Sleight of hand. Unity of thought and emotion. Determination to see through to completion. Ability to influence other people.

II The Popess

Wisdom. Sound judgment. Common sense. Learning. Serenity. Objectivity. Penetration. Education. Foresight. Intuition. Perception. Self-reliance. Hidden emotion. Purity. Virtue. Severity. Platonic relationships. Avoidance of emotional entanglements. Volubility. Teacher.

III The Empress

Feminine progress. Action. Natural energy. Development. Fertility. Accomplishment. Interest in details of daily life. Mother. Sister. Wife. Feminine influence. Evolution. Ability to motivate others. A leader. Decisions founded on all the facts at hand. Businesswoman. Level-headedness. Practicality. Decisiveness. Intuitiveness.

IV The Emperor

Worldly power. Confidence. Wealth. Stability. Authority. Indomitable spirit. Leadership. Maturity. War-making tendencies. Paternity. Father. Brother. Husband. Male influences. Direct pressure. Domination of intelligence and reason over emotion and passion. Patriarchal figure. Desire to increase domination in every direction. Masculinity. Worthiness to exercise authority. A capable and knowledgeable person. Willingness to listen to council.

V The Pope

Ritualism. Ceremony. Mercy. Humility. Kindness. Goodness. Forgiveness. Inspiration. Alliance. Compassion. Servitude. Overt reserve. Captivity to one's own ideas. Tendency to cling to idea and principles even if outdated. A person to whom one has recourse. Conformity. A religious or spiritual leader. Inability to adapt to new circumstances and changing conditions. A person with a sense of the importance of history.

VI The Lovers

Love. Beauty. Perfection. Harmony. Unanimity. Trials overcome. Trust. Honour. Possibly the beginning of a romance. Infatuation. Deep feeling. Optimism. Being oblivious to possible consequences. Letting oneself go. Freedom of emotion. The necessity of tests or trials. Struggle between sacred and profane love. Examining. Yearning. Temptation. A person deeply involved in the emotions and problems of a friend or relative. A meaningful affair.

VII The Chariot

Major effort. Possible voyage or journey. Escape. Rushing to decision. Riding the crest of success or popularity. Perplexity. Trouble. Adversity, possibility already overcome. Conflicting influences. Turmoil. Vengeance. Need for supervision. Need for attention to details. Urgency to gain control of one's emotions. Greatness can be achieved when physical and mental powers are kept in balance.

VII Justice

Fairness. Justice. Harmony. Balanced conduct. Equity. Righteousness. Virtue. Honour. Virginity. Just reward. Good intentions. Well-meaning actions. Firmness of character. Adive. Self-satisfaction. The eventual outcome, whether favourable or unfavourable, will truly be fair. Equilibrium. Poise. Impartiality. Ability to perceive temptation and avoid evil. A person who responds favourably to the good nature of others. A considerate person.

VIII The Hermit

Council. Knowledge. Solicitude. Inner strength. Self-illumination. Prudence. Discretion. Vigilance. Patience. Circumspection. Self-denial. Withdrawal. Sometimes represents recession and regression. Desertion. Annulment. Insincerity. Coldness. A loner or a person incapable of interaction with another person. Fear of discovery. Failure to face facts. Possessor of secrets. Unutilized knowledge.

X Wheel of Fortune

Destiny. Fortune. Fate. Outcome. Felicity. Godsend. Special gain or unusual loss. Culmination. Approaching the end of a problem. Inevitability. Unexpected events may occur. The course of things from beginning to end. Advancement for better or worse. Progress. Good or bad luck depending upon nearby cards.

XI Force

Control over a situation. Strength. Courage. Fortitude. Energy. Resolution. Defiance. Action. Awareness of temptations and the ability to overcome them. Confidence. Innate ability. Zeal. Fervour. Mind over matter. Accomplishment. Attainment at considerable peril. Conquest. Hidden forces at work are challenged. Heroism. Virility. Strength to endure in spite of all obstacles.

XII The Hanged Man

Sacrifice. Life in suspension. Transition. Change. Reversal of the mind and one's way of life. Apathy and dullness. Boredom. Abandonment. Renunciation. Events with an uncertain outcome. The period of respite between significant events. Repentance. Readjustment. Efforts may have to be made to reach a goal, which still may not be attained. The approach of new life forces. This is the time to condition oneself for new experiences. Surrender. Lack of progress. An unappreciated person.

XIII Death

Transformation. Clearing away the old to make way for the new. Risk for renewal. Unexpected change. Alteration. Abrupt change of the old self, though not necessarily physical death. The ending of a familiar situation or friendship. Loss of income or financial security. Illness, possibly even death. Streak of bad luck. A loan that will not be repaid.

XIIII Temperance

Moderation. Temperance. Patience. Accomplishments through self-control and frugality. Accommodation. Harmony. The mixing or bringing together into perfect union. Management. Compatibility. Fusion. Adjustment. Good influences. Consolidation. Ability to utilize the material and intellectual manifestations available to oneself. Possibly a person without excessive tendencies. A well-liked, highly regarded person. Confidence and placidity. Possibly being too temperate and moderate to achieve a goal presently out of reach.

XV The Devil

Subordination. Ravage. Bondage. Malevolence. Subservience. Downfall. Weird experience. Bad outside influence or advice. Black magic. Unexpected failures. Seeming inability to realise one's goals. Dependence upon another person that leads to unhappiness. Violence. Shock. Fatality. Self-punishment. Temptation to evil. Self-destruction. Disaster. Astral influence. The tearing apart of self-expression to such an extent that one becomes ineffectual. An ill-tempered person. Lack of humour except at another's expense. Lack of principles.

XVI The Falling Tower

Complete and sudden change. Breakdown of old beliefs. Abandonment of past relationships. Severing of a friendship. Calamity. Misery. Disillusionment. Bankrupsy. Termination. Downfall. Undoing. Disruption. Loss of stability. A sudden event that destroys trust. Loss of love and affection. Setback. Terrible change.

XVII The Star

Hope. Faith. Inspiration. Bright prospects. Mixing of the past and present. Promising opportunity. Optimism. Good omen. Spiritual love. Ascending star. Astrological influence. Accumulation of past knowledge for use in the present. Results will come from energies expended. Fulfillment. Satisfaction. The proper balancing of desire and work, hope and effort, love and expression. A favourable card suggesting that desire and energy are essential to happiness.

XVIII The Moon

Deception. Twilight. Obscurity. Trickery. Danger. Error. A warning. Bad influence. Ulterior motives. Insincerity. False friends. Double-dealing. False pretenses. Disgrace. Slander Superficiality. Unknown enemies. The meeting of many divergent influences. Falling into a trap. Failure to avoid dangers. Unforeseen changes in plans.


Satisfaction. Contentment. Successes. Favourable social relationships. Love. Joy. Devotion. Unselfish sentiment. Engagement. A happy marriage. Pleasure in daily existence. Earthly happiness. The contentment derived from extending oneself to another person. A good friend. High spirits. Warmth. Sincerity. The rewards of a new friendship. Pleasure from simple things. Achievement in the arts. Acceptance of life.

XX Judgment

Atonement. Judgment. The need to repent and forgive. The moment to account for the manner in which we have used out opportunities. The possibility that present conduct toward other people is unfair and unkind. Rejuvenation. Rebirth. Effort that ends in reward. The desire for immortality. The possibility exists that someone is taking unfair advantage, which they will come to regret. A lawsuit or personal conflicts is concluded.

XXI The World

Attachment. Completion. Perfection. Recognition. Honours. Ultimate change. The end result of all efforts. Success. Assurance. Synthesis. Fulfillment. Triumph in undertakings. The rewards that come from hard work. The paths of liberation. Eternal life. Admiration of others. Inheritance. The outcome of events in spite of other signs. This is a very favourable card, especially if surrounded by other favourable cards.
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