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Evolution Taken Out Of Kansas Schools
August 12th 1999 1:39 A.M. EDT
Wednesday August 11 2:00 PM ET

Kansas Board Votes To Bar Evolution From Classroom

By Carey Gillam

TOPEKA, Kan. (Reuters) - The Kansas Board of Education rejected
evolution as a scientific principle Wednesday, dealing a victory to
religious conservatives who are increasingly challenging science
education in U.S. schools.

The 10-member board, ignoring pleas by educators and established
scientists, voted six to four to embrace new standards for science
curricula that eliminate evolution as an underlying principle of
biology and other sciences.

``Evolution has been removed,'' board member Janet Waugh, who opposed
the new standard, said in a packed conference room near the
state capitol. ``Instead of Kansas' curriculum having more and more
credibility, it will have less and less.''

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