Visualization Exercise
by ???

Hold one of your hands out in front of you and close your eyes..
Breathe slowly and evenly, breathing from your diaphragm.. Relax your
mind, and don't worry if this doesn't work perfectly the first time..
Now, in your outstretched hand, feel yourself holding a fruit.. Let it
be any sort of fruit you like.. Hold the fruit there.. feel it in your
hand, feel the weight, feel the texture..  Is it smooth and heavy, or
light and rough, or something else? Imagine yourself peeling the fruit
if it needs it, and taking a very small bite.. Taste the fruit, feel
it in your mouth.. feel yourself eating the fruit.. Note the taste,
note the consistancy.. swallow the piece you bit off and feel it slide
down your throat.. Bring the rest of the fruit up to your nose.. Smell
the fruit, notice every little detail about the fruit.. Now, slowly
open your eyes, and see the fruit there in your hand.. See it as real,
and take another bite..  Taste this bite as you tasted the last one..
Finish eating the fruit, bite by bite, and when it's done, let the
image vanish.. close your eyes, and then open them again.

Made by Daniel S.