Call The Sun God
Submitted by Bel's Child

Cast your circle and enter. Face the Sun and recite:

Bel, Great god of fire and sun,
Purify my soul with your eternal flame.
and out of the ashes you bring me a new light.
I call thee Bel, by the power of three

 Recite entire chant again, but say this on the last line:

I call thee Bel, twice by the power of three

 And one more time, replace the last line with:

I call thee Bel, Thrice by the power of three

I don't know if it will work for anybody else, but when I recite this, I feel a wave of heat throughout my body, I have renewed energy. This chant should be done during the day, I've found that some time near noon (when the sun burns the strongest, from 10:30am-1:30pm) worked the best for me.