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 Candle Love Spell
Submitted by MoonWolf
What you need: 
· One red figure candle (a lady if you want to attract a lady...) 
· Elemental candles (North=green East=yellow South=red West=blue) 
· Your pentacle 
· A misc candle (for lighting everything else) 
· The candle that represents you 
· Incense - Lavender 
· Picture or personal effect of that person 
· Moonstone 
· Rose Quartz 

The spell: 

Make sure you dress your candles! 

Put the Elemental candles in the appropriate compass point...In the middle of your pentacle, put the figure candle.Put the picture under this candle. Put the candle which represents you in back of the figure candle. Between these 2 candles position the Moon stone. Put the Rose Quartz stone in ront of the figure candle. The incense goes to the side or very top. Now form your personal circle or whatever you feel comfortable with,Some people cast a complete circle no matter what spell they do, the choice is yours. Light the figure candle and say... ( I love this verse, yes, its out of Silver’s Book..a must read!) In this night and in this hour I call upon the ancient Powers, Oh goddess Bride and consort Bright, I ask thee now to bring your Light! (now light the figure candle and say) This taper represents my desire of (his name)may (pick the deity you want to call. ex.Aphrodite) Aphrodite aid me in my workings on this night. (now visualize her essence surrounding you) (now light your candle and say) This taper represents myself and I ask the Universe to lend the power of all astrological correspondences,so they may enter this circle now, to obtain my desire. Lightly touch the rose quartz and say.. I specifically draw towards myself (add what you are trying to achieve here) without affecting the free will of all and harming none. This spell is done..(Desire) is MINE! 

In no way will this spell reverse or place upon me any curse! As I will so mote it be, (name) love will come to me! 

Time to do this spell... 

1st friday after new moon...during a full moon phase... 

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