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To Attract Financial Success
This spell invokes good fortune
and prosperity and should be cast 
on a Thursday, the day associated 
with money and status

One green candle
(green is the symbolic colour
for money)
One incense stick (your choice)
One square of green cloth
Three silver coins
Four herbs: borage, lavender
saffron & marigold
Ten rock salt crystals
Gold and silver thread

Cast this ritual in a peaceful
and positive place where you will
not be disturbed. Lay the ingredients
in a circle and light the candle
and incense. Gather the three silver coins
and after you breathe on them four times say:

"To the air I say bring
money my way."

Repeat this verse three times
then at the end of the third time say this:
"It is done and blessed be"
Then gather all herbs, rock salt
and coins together in the green cloth.
Tie with gold and silver thread
in seven knots and carry this
charm pouch with you for one entire month
after the ritual is cast.

Design Copyright © 2000 by Daniel S.