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Forgiveness Spell 
Write the name of the the one offened on one side of a popsicle stick, and yours on the other side.Place the stick in a jar,fill the jar half full with sugar.Chant

In this sugar we both stand,
back to back,but hand to hand,
change(name of the person's)sour thoughts of me,
to sweet forgiving thought,I plead.

ADD WATER till three fourth full....and say

With this water I wash away
all that keeps us now at bay
sugar water,I now pray
let forgiveness come my way

CAP the jar tightly and shake 9 times,saying

Sugar sweet do your thing
and(name of the person)forgiveness,quickly bring
soak him/her of thoughts of me so sweet
that his/her forgiviness is complete

shake the jar 9 times each day well saying the last chant

You can make a token of settlement by first finding either a moonstone or alexandrite to represent the person with whom you are at odds. Then get mint extract or lavender oil and mix it with first aid cream. Burn ointment is ideal since it cools the heat of fire. You do not need much, about 1/2 teaspoon.
Name your stone after the person you desire to forgive or to obtain forgiveness from. Slowly anoint the surface of the stone with nine dabs of the healing cream, saying,
"As this cream smooths and soothes, so too ___________________'s heart. Let our bond be renewed, never again to part." Afterwards, rinse the stone to wash away any lingering negativity. Fianlly, give it to the other person with whom you were at odds or send it with a note of explanation.

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