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 Lughnasada Ritual
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    Lughnasada is the celebration of the time of the first harvest. It is on this date (August 1st) that honor the Goddess and God with a first harvest ritual. 
    • Prepare the altar as usual, then decorate it with stalks of wheat and corn, freshly picked fruit, and berries. I personally like to place a farmers sickle on the altar to give it a "finished" look.
    • Cast the circle
    • Invite the gods
    • Stand before the altar and say the following (or similar):
      "Great mother Goddess, the time of the first harvest has come! Watch over me, o mistress of the earth, and explain to me your misteries. 

      Great father God, the time of the first harvest has come! Be with me, o horned oak king, as you willingly give your body unto us to be consumed, so that you may die only in the knowelege that you will be born again. Blessed be!"

    • Remove a piece of fruit from the altar and say the following (or similar):
    • "This is the fruit of our first harvest..."
    • Bite into the fruit, take a moment to enjoy it's flavor.
    • "So begins the gathering that will last us through the cold months of winter, when all the world sleeps in an icy slumber. I will know, great gods, when I am warm and safe, and my stomach does not hunger, that it was through your labors. Truely blessed am I, to be here in honor of your greatness."
    • finish the fruit, and keep the seeds in a warm dry place.
    • In the spring, you will plant these seeds, and nuture any plant that grows as a gift from the Goddess and God.
    • An offering to the earth in exchange for it's sacrifice is appropriate here.
    • Meditate for a moment or two on the wheel of the year, and how the earth time and time again puts itself up for the harvest.
    • Thank the gods for their presence.
    • Drink apple cider or gape juice now, and eat bread (preferably whole wheat), in celebration of Lughnasada and to replenish any energies lost during the ritual
    • The ritual is complete.
    Notes: As with most holidays, Lughnasada has it's traditional activites and games. These include making corn dollies of the Goddess, Baking bread in the form of the God, visiting orchards to pick your own fresh fruit for the new harvest, and preparing meals of breads, berries, acorns, crab apples, local fruits and vegetables, and cakes.
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