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 Samhain Ritual
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This was actually the first Sabbat ritual I ever wrote. I'm not going to say that it is the best thing I've ever written, but I feel it's decent enough, and it carries a deep significance to me. I hope you can use and enjoy it! 

The altar is adorned with a wreath of dried grapevines and colored leaves. A black altar candle is used to represent the death of the God. 

  • Cast the circle
  • Invite the deities
  • Call the Corners
  • Ring bell three times
  • Light altar candle
Say the following or similar: 
"I come this night before the gods. May my actions be pleasing to you."
Kneel on the ground and pass your hand over the altar candle's flame three times. As you do so, say something to the effect of: 
"In the field the Horned God lies, waiting patiently, for this night he dies. Yet I know 'tis not an end, for down the spiral he lives again!"
Arise and stand before the altar in God position. 
"Father God, on this eve of Samhain, I celebrate your passing and the coming of winter. You go now into the warm fields of beyond. Yet I know that you shall return again."
On a square of orange paper, draw a God sigil (I like to use a horned sun symbol) in black ink. Burn the sigil in the flame of the altar candle. Either libate the ashes to the earth, or allow them to blow away in the Samhain wind. 
Meditate for a time on the God. His birth, his life, how he laid in the fields with the Goddess and made her bear child. See his aging, and visualize him now, as he lays upon his death bed. Watch as he passes and know that he will be reborn again. When you have completed your meditation, extinguish the altar candle. Say the following or similar: 
"O Great Horned Father, you are absent, but never gone. Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again!" 

"With each passing breath the time grows closer. The door between worlds is thin, and on this night may I greet with great joy and perfect love the spirits of those who have passed through gate. May their teachings show me the spiral of life. So mote it be!"

  • Works of Magick, if necessary are performed now.
  • Thank and release the corners and the Gods.
  • Cider and harvest foods should be consumed now to replace energies lost.
Now is a good time to go to a quite place, perhaps even the local cemetery to commune with those spirits that have recently crossed worlds. If this is not possible, Samhain is an excellent time for divination, particularly scrying. 
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