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 Binding Objects
From the book, Earth Power, by Scott Cunningham
Items: 1 Piece of Cord
           The object of binding

Ritual: Binding is a practical example of how a normally harmful and strictly "hands off"
            form of magick can be an effective and perfectly harmless magickal procedure.

            If a friend wants to borrow something, and you feel hesitant in letting the object
            out of your hands, but you must, take the object (if it's something small enough
            to move around and hold) and a cord.

            Bind the object to your body -- literally, physically tie the object to yourself.
            Stand or sit a few minutes, visualizing yourself receiving the object back from
            the person you are loaning it to.

            Afterward, cut the cord (do not untie the knot!) and loan the object out, assured
            you'll once more have it in your possession.

            If the object is too large, such as a car, take a piece of cord, tie your hand or arm
            to a piece of it (such as the steering wheel, antenna, and so on) and proceed as

            Put the cord in a safe place until the object returns.

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