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 Binding Spell
by Silver Shadowcat
Items: 1 NEW Compact with Mirror (Black)
           1 Picture of Person to be Bound
           1 Black Candle
           1 White Candle
           1 27" piece of black cord
           1 9" square of black silk (or cotton)
           Oil: Rose (for the properties of banishing, releasing and balance)
           Incense: Dragon's Blood (for the properties of binding, protection,
                           and purification)
           Herb: Rue (for the properties of blessing, healing, and purification)

Ritual: On the night of the full moon, take the compact and open it upside
            down (NEVER, never look into the mirror), and dig out the tin powder
            container. Without look into the mirror, place it face up in a safe place
            where no one will look into it, yet it will reflect the light of the moon. The
            following morning (before sunrise, if possible), close the compact and wrap
            it in the black silk. The following night, as the moon is just beginning to
            wane, set up your altar as usual, cast your circle, etc... Begin by anointing
            the Black Candle with the Rose Oil... (hold candle with thumb and forefinger,
            rub oil with power hand from wick down; then bottom up; focusing on your
            intent to protect yourself from this individual). Next, anoint the White Candle
            in the opposite manner (focusing on your intent to bring harmony, balance and
            enlightenment to the current situation). Empower the Rue, focusing your intent
            on all of the above. (Don't forget to empower the Rose Oil with the intentions
            listed beside it, above. Oops. *s*) Light the Black Candle, saying:

"This candle burns for my intent, Sending back
what sender sent. Freeing all from harm
by s/he, An it harm none, so mote it be."

            Light the White Candle, saying

"This candle burns for his/her intent, Learning from
what back is sent. Freeing him/her from harm
by s/he, An it harm none, so mote it be."

            Take the picture, and while anointing say,

"Here the face of harm doth lie, May he/she look him/herse
lf in the eye. May he/she see the harm and turn,
Before the Wheel fires cease their burn.
Oh, Deities of Justice see!
An it harm none so mote it be."

            Lay the picture on your Pentacle, pick up the compact and open it upside
            down (remember, don't look in the mirror!). With the bottom flat on the altar,
            and the mirror facing away from you (reflecting the candle light), sprinkle the
            Rue in the bottom of the compact (concentrating on your intention), place the
            picture (face up) on top of the Rue and close the compact. Take up the cord and
            begin binding the compact saying,

"I bind you here for harm you've done, To see yourself alone as one.
I bind you here to learn your woes, To turn them as the Sabbats go.
I bind you not for harm to come, But to see the truth of what you've done.
I bind with love, I bind with care, That you, yourself, your actions bear."

            Pass the bound compact through the flame of each candle, the smoke of the
            incense, and sprinkle it with blessed water. Place it on the pentacle. Raise your power.
            When you release it, focus on the bound person... see them learning from their own
            mistakes, see yourself free of further harm from them, and focus on the love that the
            Lord and Lady have for all their children. When finished, simply say, "This spell is
            done, an it harm none, By Earth, Sky & Sea, So Mote It Be! Close circle. Wrap compact
            in black silk and put it someplace safe...

Design Copyright © 2000 by Daniel S.