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 Flying Ointment
Note  : The notorious "Witches Flying Ointment," a dangerous herbal concoction producing
            psychedelic effects, was said to be used by Witches in the Middle Ages. It consisted
            mainly of parsley, hemlock, water of aconite, poplar leaves, soot, bat's blood, deadly
            nightshade (or belledonna), Henbane and Hashish. (Of course, Witches didn't really fly;
            however, the ointment did induce incredible hallucinations, psychic visions and astral

            The following is a modern Witch's flying ointment recipe. It is safer to use and much easier
            to concoct:
Items :  1/4 cup lard - 1/2 tsp clove oil - 1 tsp chimney soot - 1/4 tsp dried cinquefoil
            1/4 tsp dried mugwort - 1/4 tsp dried thistle - 1/4 dried vervain - 1/2 tsp benzoin tincture
Prep. :  Using a mortar and pestle, crush the dried herbs until almost powdered. In a small cauldron
            or saucepan, heat the lard over a low flame until it is melted completely. Add the herbs, the
            clove oil and chimney soot to the lard base and mix well. Add the benzoin as a natural
            preservative, stir together clockwise and then simmer for ten to fifteen minutes.

            Strain it through cheesecloth into a small heat resistant container and then allow it to cool.
            Store it in your refrigerator or in a cool dark place until it is ready to be used. On a night of
            the Full Moon, anoint your temples and Third Eye with a small amount of the flying ointment
            prior to astral projection or dream magick.
            NOTE: For external use only!

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