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 Money Magick
Items : 1 colored candle according to your sign - 5 green candles - 1 gold candle - Olive oil - 
           Incense - Altar candles 
Time  : 3 days before Full Moon 
Ritual : Rub the candles with olive oil and salt starting at the center working to the ends, while you 
            think what you want. Set the candles like this : 
Altar  Candle                                          Altar Candle 
Green(4)                Green(2)+Gold                    Green(1) 
Red                     Green(3)                         Green(5)

            Light Altar candles and incense. Meditation is to be done. Light your candle and say : 

"This candle represents myself as it burns, so does my spirit."

            Light gold, think hard of attraction and say : 

"This candle represents attraction. It works for and with me."

            Light green candles in order thinking hard on money and say : 

"This candles represent the money which I desire. It is as much as I need, 
No more - No less."

            Light red candle, thinking of your need fulfilled. Say : 

"This candle represents the power and the command to drive the money to me."

            Pause a moment to reflect, then say : 

"As money is necessary to the fulfillment of our needs, 
so must we ever strive to obtain it. 
All should be earned or not relieved at all 
The need I have at present is intense. 
Draw the money to me. 
Let me find all that I need. 
Supplu, now, to meet my urgent want 
For it is said that the Gods will provide when surely there is a need 
Let all work for me 
Let me have sufficient 
Let me no longer have want."

            Think now of your needs fulfilled and having the money. Think of having it in your posession 
            and Say : 

"This money now is mine, it fills my need 
I have recieved it safely and am happy 
Praise be the Gods for their goodness 
Ever is it thus, now all is well."

            Sit for 5' and let the candles and incense burn. Then you may extinguish the flames. The 
            ritual should be repeated the next day, but before you start, move the 5 green candles and 
            the red 2 inches to the left of the previous position. Repeat each day until green candle N°1 
            touches your candle and the gold. 

Design Copyright © 2000 by Daniel S.