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Purple Light Spell - for progress and ambition
Items : 1 Purple Candle.
Ritual : Purple promotes ambition, progress, power, and strengthens will- power. As you light the
            candle, repeat :
"This light is burning to help me gain and achieve (wish).
It's protest is small but holds great power.
For only it can push this power up into the Loving Hands of the Goddess.
I am, like this candle, small, but my intentions and ambitions are big,
and with perseverance, I will get there.
Goddess, help me achieve this. So mote it be"

            Focus your energy on the flame. Think of all your ambitions and dreams. Imagine the  flame
            being pushed up into the hands of the Goddess. Visualize the Goddess receiving all your
            energy. Imagine you can see your energy being pulled into the flame. As your energy is
            soaked into the flame, imagine it turning purple. The more energy soaked in the deeper and
            stronger the purple gets. Imagine a long purple ribbon flowing out of the flame and into the
            hands of the Goddess.

Design Copyright © 2000 by Daniel S.