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 Spell to Protecte Your Love Frtom Another
By Amanda Hayes Nin's Realm of Magick
Note  : DO NOT use this spell to "steal" another's boyfriend or girlfriend! Its purpose is to keep 
            your mate from wandering, not to make someone else's wander. 

Items : 1 candle to represent yourself (in appropriate color) - 1 candle to represent your love (in 
            appropriate color) - 1 candle to represent the third person (in appropriate coloror black) 
            Sewing Needles - 1 Red Candle - Dragons Blood or other Protection Incense 
Ritual : Cast a proper circle before doing any magickal work. Inscribe the candle that represents 
            you with your name. Inscribe the candle that represents your lover with his or her name. 
            If the third persons name is known, inscribe the third candle with his or her name. If the 
            name is unknown, you can inscribe "All Others". 

            Annoint your candle and your lovers candle with any type of "Love" oil. Annoint the other 
            person's candle with any type of  "repelling" oil. On the candle representing the Other One, 
            stick sewing needles throughout the candle where the letters are closed (ex: if there is a 
            letter "o", place a needle through the "o"). Light this candle while concentrating all of the bad 
            feelings this person has caused you. Place this candle in the upper right hand corner of your 

            Rid yourself of the negative feelings you charged the third person's candle with, and light the 
            Protection Incense. Visualize what you want to accomplish with this spell. Call upon the 
            Goddess for protection over the lovers. Light the candle that respresents you and say 

"This candle is (name). Her/His love for (name) burns eternal as does this flame."

            Light your lovers candle from your candle and say : 

"This candle is (name). Her/His love for (name) burns eternal as does this flame."

            Light the Red candle from the Lover candle and say : 

"This candle represents (your name and her/his name)'s love for each other. 
No one shall make the other's eye wander. 
This candlebinds together (name and name) eternally in love. 
Their love for each other burns as does this flame."

            Let all candles burn down while concentrating on how much your lover loves you, and vice 
            versa. Throw into the garbage the leftover wax and needles from the other person's candle. 
            (after cooling) Put your leftover wax and your lovers leftover wax into a glass jar, seal it, 
            and bury it within the Earth. 

            Since this spell borders on the "mind rape" theory of taking away one's free will, it is best to 
            get your lover's permission before preforming this spell. 

Design Copyright © 2000 by Daniel S.