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 To Release an Unwanted Love
Items : 2 Black Candles - 1 Candle to represent the person 
Time  : During a waning moon 
Ritual : Cast your circle for devoking (counter clockwise) and call the corners.  With your 
            Athame in your right hand and the candle in your left hand, raise you arms above your 
            head and say out loud; 
"Goddess of the Moon, Mother of all, Creator of life, 
I ask of thee to bless this candle in the name of __________."
            Place the candle in a holder and light it. Then say: 
"God of the Sun, Horned Consort of the Goddess, Ruler of the Day, I 
ask thee to bless this candle in the name of ___________."
            Without burning yourself lift the candle in the holder above your head and call out: 
"With this candle blessed in the name of __________ . 
I command that he does not see me with eyes of love, 
but now with the eyes of  friends. 
In Goddess name I ask. Blessed Be! "

            Thank the corners, close your circle, blow out the black candles and let the 
            representative candle BURN out. 

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