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Blair Witch Controversy
August 16th 1999 4:38 P.M. EDT
Blair Witch Project
Offends Witches

Could Horror Movie Put Innocent Witches at Risk?

Do witches suffer the same oppression as blacks, Jews and other minorities? Click on the image to see if you can tell a real witch from the hags who horrified you on Halloween. (ABCNEWS.com)
By Buck Wolf

Phyllis Curott is a practicing witch, a civil rights lawyer, and more than a little upset these days with what’s on the silver screen.

“The Blair Witch Project makes witches out to be evil hags who want to kill children. This fictitious movie puts real witches at risk,” says Curott.

“We just had an incident last week when someone reacted to ancient Jewish stereotypes. We must be careful.”

The recent shootings at a Jewish child-care center in Los Angeles touched the Ivy League-educated Curott, who was born to a Jewish mother and has been practicing witchcraft since the late 1970s.

Now, Curott and her coven aren’t about to turn the Blair filmmakers into frogs, nor has she summoned her magical powers as a lawyer with that magical incantation, “I’ll sue.”

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