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If you find an article that may interest the Pagan community, please email us at torann@iname.com. Broken Links are usually due to the fact that some newspapers only leave article up for a single day or week. To view an article just click on the  next to the article's title.
August 1999
Title Date
Pagans Worship At Eclipse 8-1-1999
Religious Diversity In China 8-3-1999
Some Churches Aren't "main line" 8-4-1999
300 Witches Die 8-6-1999
Druids Prey For Eclipse 8-10-1999
Evolution Taken Out Of Kansas Schools 8-12-1999
Evolution Debate Continues 8-14-1999
Occult "Problems" In School 8-14-1999
Witch Hunts In Tanzania 8-15-1999
Blair Witch Controversy 8-16-1999
More Witches Mad At Blair Witch Project 8-17-1999
God Hates Fags Website Is No More 8-19-1999
No More Prayer At School Board Meetings? 8-21-1999
Two suspected Witches Murdered 8-25-1999
Disclaimer on The Teaching Of Evolution Shot Down 8-26-1999
School Favors Christian Slant On Teaching 8-27-1999
A Win For Ten Commandments 8-29-1999
Students Defy Court Ban Of School Prayer At Football Games  8-31-1999
September 1999
Title Date
School Prayer In Virgina Schools 9-2-1999
October 1999
Title Date
Earth Religions' Week Criticized 10-21-1999
US army base defends military witches 10-21-1999
November 1999
Title Date
Forgotten Pagan Temple Unearthed On Orkney 11-17-1999
Acceptance Of Gays Brings On Harsh Penalties 11-17-1999
Slain Witch's Husband in Custody 11-18-1999
Christian Writer Looks Into The Wiccan World 11-22-1999
Church Approves Prayer to God, The Mother 11-19-1999
United Pagan Allied Network Reaches Out 11-20-1999
Magic vs Muggles and Misinformation 11-22-1999
December 1999
Title Date
Latest Religious Guidelines For Public Schools Mailed 12-18-1999
Pagans Find Community In Southland 12-21-1999
Solstice Celebrations In Massachusetts 12-21-1999
Lockhart, Clinton In Hot Water With S. Baptists  12-23-1999
January 2000
Title Date
Pagan, Christian Groups Draw Battle Lines Over Eicher Suspension 1-12-2000
New Website Seeks To Bridge The Gaps Between Religions, Beliefs 1-13-2000
Clinton Proclaims January 16, 2000 "religious Freedom Day" 1-14-2000
Fla. School Bible Courses Under Scrutiny 1-15-2000
Area Ministers Say Website Nudity, Not Religion 1-24-2000
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