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1734 tradition - based on brit-celtic philosophy of robert cochrane 
Air - upper left on pent reps intelligence and the arts 
Alexandrian tradition - tradition of wicca established in 1960's by alex sanders 
Altar - table where tools are placed for use during ritual 
Altar pentacle - disk/plate metal/wood inscribed with 5 pointed star. Focal point 
Amulet - similar to talisman but occurs naturally - not man made 
Animosity towards xtions - insistence it is the only way & prevent others beliefs 
Arcana - from the words arcane and ancient 
Aspecting - form of channeling 
Athame (a-tham-ay)- double edged knife for directing energy / banishing enchantment 
Athame - should be worked on by the user no matter how little the work 
Athame - size should suit the user 
Aura - energy patterns invisible to naked eye 
Autumn equinox - sept 21 light and dark in balance; lesse sabbat More..
Bell - increases vibrations 
Beltane / may eve - 30 apr pronounced byal'tiner. Theme of fertility More..
Besom - see broom 
Boleen - white handled blade to harvest herbs/carve symbols - not rituals 
Book of shadows - rituals laws spells handed down within coven exactly as written 
Brighid - mother deity of nature 
Broom - used for cleaning rituals and a fertility symbol 
Burin - an engraving tool 
Burning times - name used by witches for the inquisition More..
Candlemas - see imbolg 
Cartomancy - divining with cards 
Catharsis - spiritual cleansing 
Cauldron - represents bounty and blessings, and life cycles 
Ceremonial magick - also called high magick. Method of working magic to achieve aim 
Cerne - a name for the horned god 
Cernunnos - the horned god of nature 
Cerridwen - a maiden role or the autumn crone & prophetess 
Chakra - vital centres where physical & spiritual bodies are connected 
Chalice - cup, glass etc placed on altar.rep's cup of life/womb of goddess 
Chant - increases magickal power 
Chaos - to work against the natural and spiritual laws 
Charge of the goddess - piece of liturgy written by gerald gardner & doreen valiente 
Circle - keeps unwanted out and wanted in 
Cochrane, robert - founder of 1734 tradition 
Cone of power - release of energy built up in circle 
Council of constantinople (2nd) - condemned reincarnation from the xtion tenets in 553ce 
Coven - group of witches or wiccans, under a priest and/or priestess 
Covens - you do not have to be in a coven to work a spell 
Cowan - used in wicca/witchcraft to describe a non-wiccan/witch 
Craft - another name for witchcraft 
Crossing the bridge - ritual at death 
Dark half of year - associated with god. Goddess active in masculine form 
Dedication - ceremonially marks the beginning of wiccan study 
Dev'la - scottish name for the god 
Diana - welsh name for the goddess 
Dianic - worship of diana, the ancient greek goddess of hunting 
Drawing down the moon - spirit of god/dess drwan down into high priest & priestess 
Dreams literal - concern a real thing or person in your life at that time 
Dreams repetitive - indicates something you have not taken action on 
Dreams symbolic - an aspect of the dreamer using universal symbols 
Earth - lower left on pentacle reps stability and physical endurance 
Earth goddess - the power and force behind nature 
Eclectic - system of worship not based in any particular tradition 
Esbat - a lunar holiday new and full moons 
Evocation - calling elements gods and goddesses to be present in ritual 
Fam trad - a term used to describe people who have craft lineage 1950's 
Fasting - should be done for 24 hours before performing magick 
Festivals - events that bring together pagans of all traditions 
Fire - lower right on pent reps courage and daring 
Full moon - height of psychic activity and power 
Gardner, gerald - founder of gardnerian tradition 
Goddess of fertility / god of hunt - early wo/man's two most important deities 
Great rite - union of male & female principle from which life will spring 
Greater sabbats - god and goddess duly honored (samhain, imbolc, beltane, lughnasadh) 
Grimoires - magicians book of rituals 
Handfasting - joins together for as long as love shall last; wedding 
Handmaiden - priestess' assistant & replacement if priestess absent 
Handparting - wiccan 'divorce' ceremony 
Heathen - means one who dwells on the heath 
Hecate - witch mother of the darker forms 
Herne - a name for the horned god 
High magick - self transformation 
Horned god - male deity 
Imbolg / candlemas - 2 february. Rebirth purification & cleansing rituals More..
Initiation - may mark full membership in a coven or tradition 
Invocation - priest/ess allows a particular god/dess to speak through him/her 
Jack o' the green - carvings of the old god of hunting 
Kundalini - 'serpent power' - relates to the chakras 
Lammas - 1st aug. Celtic fire festival. Reaping and revelry. More..
Laws against witchcraft - repealed in england in 1951 
Lesser sabbats - summer solstice, winter solstice, spring equinox, autumn equinox 
Light half of year - associated with goddess. God active in feminine form 
Magic(k) - the real power comes from the person, not the tool 
Magical rites - rituals used to craete magic 
Magick -  using will to affect change in reality 
Malleus maleficarum - witch hunting manual from the burning times 
Mantra - chanting a word or phrase to focus concentration 
May eve - see beltane 
Meditation - listening to your inner self 
Midsummer's Eve - jun 21 celebration of the goddess & gods marriage More..
Moon waning - destruction, binding, seperation, elimination, extermination etc 
Moon waxing - growing. Magick for love, success, protection, fertility etc 
Murray, margaret alice - advanced theory witchcraft was an organised religion in 1930's 
Neo-pagan - new pagan - more modern view yet still earth based spirituality 
Neophyte - non-initiate who undergoes basic training in craft circle 
New age - alternative spirituality inc angels, et visitation, crystals etc 
New moon - represents in the light the lady as the maiden 
Occult - means "unknown" 
Ostara - see spring equinox 
Pagan - from latin pagani. Means people who live in the country 
Palingenesis - rebirth 
Pan - welsh name for the god 
Pendulum - focusing device for divination 
Pentacle - a five pointed star within a circle the symbol of wicca 
Polytheistic - a belief in many gods 
Pope gregory - built early churches on sites of pagan temples (xtion conversion) 
Practical magick - spell casting, healing, protection, spells for gain, love 
Pranayama - collection of breathing techniques 
Priapic wand - shaped like a phallus and used in fertility rites 
Priest - male head of coven initiated into particular tradition. Teacher 
Priestess - female head of coven initiated into particular tradition. Teacher 
Psychic - pertains to higher consciousness 
Psychometry - reception of impressions from a physical object 
Querant - person for whom tarot is being read
Reincarnation - christians believed in it until 553c.e. (constantinople ban) 
Rhythm - increases magickal power 
Rites of passage - rituals (eg marriage, blessing, requiem, initiation) 
Ritual - set of actions repeated over time. Actions that accompany worship 
Rune - word means "mystery" or "secret" 
Sabbat - a time to celebrate & rejoice with the gods More..
Samhain - 31 oct. Nye pronounced 'sow'in. Learn inner mysteries. Harvest More..
Sanders, Alex - founder of the alexandrian tradition 
Satanism - worship of christian myth of satan. *witches do not believe in satan* 
Scrying - seeing past, present, or future 
Seax - see-ax. Sax wicca name for athame 
See-ax - saxon name for athame 
Shaman - one who can enter and use spirit world 
Shamanism - solitary path seeking vision in solitude. Reality of spirit world 
Significator - tarot card used to represent the person for whom you are reading 
Skyclad - naked 
Solitary - person who learns and studies on their own 
Spirit - topmost point on pent reps the all and the divine 
Spring equinox / ostara - 21 mar. Day & night equal. Complete balance on this day More..
Staff - used to mark quarter points or as a stang to hold banners etc 
Summer solstice - See  Midsummer's Eve 
Summerlands - once soul learns all life lessons - granted eternal rest here 
Summoner - second in command to priest protects ritual space 
Sword - used in place or in addition to athame 
Sympathetic magick - works on the principle of like attracts like 
Talisman - magickal figure charged with force it is intended to represent 
Tang - handle part of blade 
Tasseography - tea leaf reading 
Third eye - a chakra, the seventh and highest - place to focus when meditating 
Threefold law - belief everything you do comes back to you three times 
Thurible - container used to contain hot coal for burning incense 
Transcendence - achieving full realisation of the individual self 
Visualisation - process of creating or realizing symbol to harness power of mind 
Wand - represents element of air and male east 
Waning moon - old hag, destroyer, dark side, dark and hidden workings 
Warlock - derogatory term meaning oathbreaker. (not a male witch!) 
Water - upper right on pent reps emotions and intuition 
Waxing moon - working for gaining healing aiding humanity & all creatures 
Wheel of the year - calender of the eight sabbats 
Wicca - religion of old gods of europe and european influence More..
Wiccan - one who practices wicca 
Wiccan rede - a 27 line poem by gerald gardner & doreen valiente 
Wiccan rede - an it harm none, do as thou will wiccaning - wiccan birth rite 
Wicce - see wicca 
Winter solstice / yule - 21 dec turning point from which the days will lengthen More..
Witan - the council of wise ones 
Witch - initiate in witchcraft 
Witchcraft - religion of witches. Earth focused and polytheistic 
Woden - saxon god name 
Yagdirk - scottish traditions name for athame 
Yule - see winter solstice 
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