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Two suspected Witches Murdered
August 25th 1999 5:08 P.M.
Accused Witches Stabbed To Death
8:41 a.m. ET (1244 GMT) August 25, 1999

JOHANNESBURG Two elderly South African women have been stabbed to death with spears after they were accused of practicing witchcraft, police said Wednesday.

Police spokesman Mzukisa Fatyela told Reuters the murders, which occurred early Wednesday morning, were the most recent in a run of witchcraft-linked killings in the country's rural Eastern Cape province.

"Since July, we have had 10 women murdered, including these two, and four women wounded because they were accused of being witches,'' Fatyela said.

He added that six arrests had been made in connection with five of the previous murders, and police hope to make further arrests in connection with the cases.

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