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Pagans Worship At Eclipse
August 1st 1999 10:36 P.M. EDT
A Vanishing Act In English Skies
Cornwall Braces for Eclipse
By T. R. Reid
Washington Post Foreign Service
Sunday, August 1, 1999; Page A01

For pagans, totality will be the most important two minutes of the
decade," said Andy Norfolk, an amiable landscape architect and druid
bard who is one of tens of thousands in this corner of Britain
still practicing ancient celestial religions. They will gather
-- at henges, quoits and stone altars erected here long before
Christ was born -- to worship the meeting of the sun and the

"Oh, yes, we'll have druids, necromancers [sorcerers], New Agers -- the
whole sun-worshiping lot," said a smiling Gage Williams, a retired
British Army general who has been appointed Cornwall's eclipse
czar. "But they don't influence my planning, because most of
them live here anyway

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