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New Website Seeks To Bridge The Gaps Between Religions, Beliefs
A COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS OF ALL FAITHS-by Leslie Miller, USA Today (1/13/00)

 Steven Waldman used to be a correspondent for Newsweek and an editor for U.S. News & World Report -- until he realized that "the most important event in most people's lives is not a presidential election."

 He also couldn't help noticing that magazine sales went up whenever cover stories were about "religion, spirituality or morality," and that books on those topics were also hot sellers.

 Now he's editor in chief of BELIEFNET.COM, a Web site launched last week that aims to be an online spiritual community for people of all religious backgrounds. 

Many of the articles are by a diverse group of more than 50 columnists, top names in religion and spirituality, from orthodox to fringe. They include Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, Jesus scholar Marcus Borg, Catholic priest/sociologist Andrew Greeley, Buddhist Lama Surya Das, Rabbi Joseph Telushkin and Margot Adler, a writer on goddess spirituality.

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