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 Moon Calculator
Moon Calculator (MoonCalc) is a DOS program which provides information relating to the position, age, phase, orientation, appearance and visibility of the moon for any given date, time and location on earth. It also provides the Julian Day Number, Magnetic Declination, time and direction of moonrise and moonset, interval between sunset and moonset, interval between sunrise and moonrise, date/time of astronomical new moon (conjunction), full moon, apogee and perigee and predicts the likelihood of visualising the young moon from a particular location. MoonCalc provides Hijri calendar data including location dependent Hijri date conversion using predicted crescent visibility. Data pertaining to solar and lunar eclipse in any year are also shown.

The program can scan the globe at the start of any lunar month to find the location, date/time and direction of earliest crescent sighting using a variety of ancient and modern moon sighting criteria. The program is able to draw world maps (flat and spherical projections) showing areas of the globe where the young moon is likely to be seen.

MoonCalc and documentation are copyright by Dr. Monzur Ahmed

 About The Program
Author: Dr. Monzur Ahmed
Version: 5.0
File size: 235k
License: Freeware
Minimum requirements: DOS
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