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 LogSat Professional
LogSat Professional is a satellite tracking program.  

It can track up to 2000 satellites in one window, and several windows can be open at once, each independent from the others. If your PC has a sound card, you will be told when a satellite enters acquisition, including its bearing.  

Click on any track with the mouse and it will be highlighted, with tracking data for that satellite appearing in the left portion of the window. Five different map projections are available (Mercator, Equidistant, Sinusoidal, Hammer, and Orthographic). The tracking data includes: azimuth, elevation, range, height, squint angle, mode, doppler effect, phase, UMD, eclipse, solar panel illumination factor, sun angle, orbit number, solar elevation, sub-satellite points, latitude and longitude, next AOS (or LOS), and the duration of acquisition on the next pass.  

LogSat Professional also includes some useful utilities for ham radio operators. Among these is the possibility to display 3D radiation diagrams for antennas, graphs on ground wave propagation, logbook manager, locator converter and more.  

 About The Program
Author: LogSat Software Corporation 
Version: 5.2
File size: 5.27 MB  
License: Demo
Minimum requirements: Windows 3.1+ 
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