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What are Nemain's chat rooms?
Nemain's chat rooms are an online technique of communicating with other users in the form of text that displayed in the chat window as it is written in real time. Nemain's chat rooms is a large community of users communicating in real time on all types of magickal subjects.

Do I need to download anything to chat?
The chat rooms are Java chats, which means it does not require a software download.  The chat rooms require Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.0 or higher. To find out which browser version you're using, click your browser's Help menu. Depending on whether your browser is a Netscape or Microsoft browser, select About Navigator, About Communicator, or About Internet Explorer.

What are the Chat Options?
The following are the option available in our chat rooms: 

  • Nick - Nickname other users know you as. 
  • Email - (optional) Identifying information, such as your email address. 

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