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Your browser stores HTML and graphics from sites you've already visited in what is called a cache. The purpose of the cache is to help the Web pages load quickly when you hit your Back button--because they're coming from your hard drive, not from over an Internet connection. 

If you return to the same Web sites often, it makes sense to have a big disk cache: 5,000K or more. However, if you constantly visit new Web pages, your cache doesn't do much but soak up disk space. Here's how to trim down your cache: 

(1.) Select Edit/Preferences from the main menu. 

(2.) In the Preferences dialog that appears, click the plus sign next to the Advanced category, then click the Cache menu item.

(3.) By default, Navigator allocates 5,000K for your disk cache. Enter a smaller disk cache size (try 3,000K), then click OK to accept the setting. 

Of course, if you have scads of extra hard drive space, you can follow the same steps to make your cache bigger. Try setting it at 7,000K and see if the performance increase warrants the loss in drive space. 
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